Why Sustainable Fashion ?

We asked our sustainable fashionistas why they prefer to opt for sustainable fashion and what they do in daily life.
Get to know them!
Hi I am Jessy. To answer the question who I am. I have to say that I find it difficult to describe. I am still figuring it out! One thing I can say for sure is that I am someone who always is trying to find ways to learn as much as possible.

In my daily life I focus on education and art, because ever since I graduated from art school, I realised I wanted to contribute to a change that has to be made within the fields of education,art and its representation. I started working at an art institution so that I could and still can learn about its systems and on how the (social) change can be made within.

Next to that, I love vintage!
There are so many unique pieces of clothes in this scenery, which also make me feel a bit timeless when I wear them. I dont't care about the latest fashion or what is popular to wear. (Even thought it is actually vintage right now) But I like the idea of giving new life to clothes, I think it is more sustainable and therefor I feel better wearing secondhand outfits.

Hi, my name is Omara. When you ask me who I am, I’ll tell you that I am flourishing. That is what Omara means and I feel that discribes me perfectly. I am in the midst of discovering myself and embracing everything that makes me unique.

I’ve always had a love for natural hair, which is why I’m a hair braider in my daily life. Almost two years ago I decided to use my skill to create my own business, and even though it is very challenging as I’m also a student, I love how being an entrepreneur brought me in situations where I learned to trust in myself more.
Through uncovering who I am, I also learned to be more conscious. For me this meant that I had to change my bad habits. This includes shopping less, and if I want to go shopping I’ll choose vintage more often. I’ve always had some vintage pieces in my closet, though. My favourite piece is a light blue, high waisted jeans that fits like it was made for me (I mean what are the chances that you find a perfect jeans fit anyway, right?) Even though I’ll opt for vintage clothes more often than I used to, I think there’s still room for me to do better and shop more consciously. However, I’m glad that I’m now taking my first steps to take better care of this planet that we were blessed to live on 🌍✨

“Hi my name is Fedhiya and in my daily life I am mainly concerned with my education at the Hogeschool. I will graduate in nursing next year. In addition, I like to do something fun with friends or family, such as having a bite to eat or listening to a talk show.

I have been wearing vintage clothing for a few years. I don't remember when my love for vintage clothing came to life. My favorite vintage piece of clothing is currently my long leather jacket. Which I recently found as it was a long search.

Nowadays, I believe that I am more environmentally conscious in my shopping, because I look more at vintage clothing. And I like to mix my vintage clothes with some non-vintage clothing. Because it is important for me to take a good look at what I am spending money on. It does not have to be something that is either super expensive or is worn often, because that would be considered a huge waste.”  ✨💕